Sign Up for Absentee Ballots!


 Even if you decide to vote in person during early voting or on election day at your polling place, you may still request an absentee ballot.  It will be mailed to you WELL in advance of the election.  In 2019, these elections are LOCAL and, therefore, sometimes fall through the cracks. Getting that ballot in the mail reminds you that YOU PERSONALLY have something to vote on in the upcoming election.

Even if you received absentee ballots in 2018, you MUST REAPPLY for the 2019 year.

CLICK THIS LINK to go to the Oklahoma Online Absentee Ballot Application. Complete it FULLY (both pages).  


Be sure to select the COUNTY in the drop down → →

If you are a Uniformed Services Member, spouse, dependent or Overseas Citizen, DO NOT COMPLETE this form. The link on the page will divert you to the appropriate form!

Also, if you can answer "yes" to any of the descriptions (physically incapacitated, a caregiver of someone incapacitated, or confined to a nursing home or veteran center), you can qualify for a special conditions absentee ballot that only requires two WITNESSES rather than being required to have your ballot NOTARIZED by a notary public.


Next, be SURE to put 2019 in the field in this section! That ensures you will receive a ballot for EVERY election in 2019.


The CONTINUE button is on the LOWER RIGHT portion of your page. GO LOOK FOR IT and CLICK IT! → → →

Complete the next page using the information you used when you registered to vote. Check your work carefully to make sure you haven't entered any errors.

ALMOST DONE!!! In the Oath and Electronic Signature section, CLICK THE CHECK BOX, insert your full name in the window, and then check the reCAPTCHA box (so it's a green check). If you wait too long, you will have to check the reCAPTCHA box again (it will expire after about a minute).

And FINALLY ... CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON!!! Again, it's in the lower right portion of your screen. Your application will not be complete until you SUBMIT it! → → →

And you're done!! You'll never miss another election again, because you will get the reminder in the mail. Complete it, have it notarized (at your bank, at a tag agency, at some UPS stores, or by someone you know who is a notary public), mail it in by the deadline, and know that you have done your civic duty! Or, just use it to research the candidates or state questions, then vote in person! You will complete a form swearing that you have not used your absentee ballot to vote and are not attempting to vote twice.